FlyVPN Review


  • Jurisdiction: They operate within the laws of Hong Kong. Hong Kong is not among the 14-Eyes countries and supports individual privacy as well.
  • Servers: FlyVPN has a huge and spread out server network. They have servers in more than 40 countries. This service is among the best ones when it comes to covering the Asian continent with their server network.
  • Platform Support: The user can get this service for a variety of platforms. They also take care of gaming consoles and Smart TVs in their platform support.


  • Logging: The service provider logs more information than what seems to be required, and this can be a concern for a lot of the users.
  • Speed: The speed on the network is not impressive at all. It will be very tough to stream content or do online gaming when connected to the network.
  • Lack of Security Features: There are no additional security features on the service such as IPv6 support, kill switch, DNS leak protection, etc. The absence of these features makes the user vulnerable on the network.


Home screen when disconnected

FlyVPN is a Hong
Kong based VPN service with a noticeable huge server network. The Hong Kong
jurisdiction gives them the potential to be a privacy friendly service.

The service provider has made a long list
of advantages of having FlyVPN on the official website. Most of these claims
are related to circumventing the geo restrictions and provide the user with access
to a lot of the online content.

We also hope that they are able to stay true to those claims when we
put the service through some rigorous testing.

We will also asses the situation of
security on the service and inform you about any loopholes that we find in the security.

Speed will naturally
undergo some scrutiny as well, as good speeds are always in demand for a great
online experience.

We hope that FlyVPN will pass all our tests
with ‘flying’ colors and if not then we
assure that you will end up knowing what to look for when you consider the next VPN service to use.


A list of servers

VPN services place servers in many
locations to use them as a node in the network, and that helps them to mask the
IP address of the user with the IP address of their VPN.

If the VPN service has got servers in a lot
of locations around the world, then it not only makes their network vast but also gives the user a lot of options
to bypass the geo restrictions.

One important factor which decides the
final speed on the network is the user’s physical distance from the server
location. If one of the VPN servers is in the proximity of the user, then
he/she is bound to get better speeds.

Thus, a vast and spread out server network
makes sure that most of the users have a VPN server in their proximity.

The bandwidth available for each server
location depends on the bandwidth available on individual servers and the
number of servers present on a single location.

Higher bandwidth capacity ensures that
users get proper services even if a lot of them connect to a single server

So, now we know that it is good for a VPN
service to have a lot of servers in the network which are ideally spread out
across the globe.

Let us now examine if FlyVPN’s server
network has any of the qualities mentioned above.

They have servers across more than 40
countries. The number of server locations is so impressive that it shames a lot
of the mainstream VPN services.

The server locations are evenly spread out
across all the continents. FlyVPN must be the VPN service with the highest number of servers in Asia.

Most of the VPN services have a dense
server network in Europe and only a few servers in the rest of the world. But in
FlyVPN, the server distribution seems homogenous.

They have a lot of servers in the American
and the European continent as well. The service has also got two server
locations on the African continent.

With such a huge
server list, comes the responsibility of sorting these servers neatly to make
it easy for the user to go through the server list.

FlyVPN has sorted servers according to regions and countries. They have
an abundance of servers in the USA, China, Korea, and Hong Kong. These four
countries get their own categories in the
server list.

Rest of the servers are sorted by the name of the continent and region. So, the rest of
the categories are Asia, Europe, Oceania, America, and Africa.

There is one more server category, and it showcases all the free servers to the
users. The client also carries out latency test for all the servers and
displays the results in front of the servers.

This makes life so much easier for the user when it comes to choosing
the server.

However, there was one more thing which
could have made the life a lot easier for the user, and that is the automatic connection option.

We missed an automatic server connection
option on such a big list of servers.

Other things
that FlyVPN could have included were dedicated servers. By dedicated server, we mean servers which are focused on
satisfying specific needs of the user such as streaming and P2P file sharing.

Addition of such servers in the network
makes the client a lot more user friendly. Different tasks such as gaming,
streaming, P2P file sharing have different needs.

For instance, P2P file sharing would
require the server location to support P2P file sharing, streaming would ask
for servers with high speeds and suitable physical location to circumvent geo
restrictions if any, and for gaming, the
user needs a server with minimum latency.

Having prescribed servers for such tasks
will make it so much easy for the user to navigate through a large number of servers available on the client.

However, the server network on the client
is still very impressive, and all the prescribed changes will only make it

Privacy Policy

FlyVPN is yet another country which
operates from Hong Kong. Hong Kong has become a business hub as it has got rules
which favor businesses and enterprises.

The region also respects individual
privacy, and therefore, the companies are not bound to keep a record of
personal information of the users.

The service provider claimed that FlyVPN
has a no logs policy, but we find it tough to concur with them.

Let us now look at the information which
they collect from us.

The data collection which should concern
you the most is that they collect the IP
address of the user along with the GPS location of the user.

They have not specified the duration for
which data remains in their systems, and that is even more concerning.

We don’t know why a VPN service would want
to know the GPS address of the users, but
one thing we know for sure is that it compromises the privacy of the user.

They also collect information about the
user’s network, information about ISP, timestamps, device information, etc.

Most of this data collection can be attributed to troubleshooting, but some of
it such as the storage of IP address and GPS location is bound to raise some

The user needs to provide them with
information such as name, email address, phone number, etc. to create an account for the service.

They also store transaction details and
information related to the payment method if the user decides to subscribe to
the service. However, such information is necessary to run a business, and there is nothing new in a VPN service
collecting such data.

Their official website stores some cookies
in the user’s device as well. Though, the user always has the option to delete
or block such cookies.

They have not mentioned the use of
analytics service on their website, but they also haven’t denied using it. So,
we are not sure if there will be any third-party cookies involved when you
visit their website.

The privacy policy of FlyVPN is not among
most detailed privacy policies. They could have been a lot more precise on a
lot of the relevant topics.

The fact that they have not mentioned the
duration for which the user’s personal information will remain in their system is
something which they should address immediately.

The way in which the service presents it
Privacy Policy is an indication of their seriousness towards individual
privacy. It is also unable to qualify them as a transparent service as well.

Connection Time Analysis

Trial No.Time to establish a connection (seconds)
Avg. Time In Seconds3.014

Connection time analysis gives an idea
about the swiftness of the client. A quick connection enhances the user
experience for sure, whereas it is always annoying for the user to comes across
VPN clients which take a long time to
connect to the network.

We did the connection time analysis for FlyVPN,
and the results were inspiring. The service took around 3 seconds on
an average to establish a connection with the network.

However, the crest and troughs had a lot of
margin between them in this performance. The client took only one and a half
seconds to connect to the network on a few tries.

There were also a few occasions in which
the client took almost 7 seconds to connect to the network.

This indicated that the client is not going to be the most reliable one,
and it can be a bumpy ride when it comes to the performance of the client.

Speed Test

Speed Test for Various Server Options

The service provider has listed a lot of
benefits of using FlyVPN. Some of these benefits are streaming by bypassing a
lot of geo restrictions, access to a lot of blocked online gaming content, etc.

We are sure that the large server network of the service helps them
to circumvent a lot of the restrictions to access this streaming and gaming content.

But once the service bypasses the geo
restrictions, it all boils down to the speed on the service which will decide
if the user will get to see some high definition content or be able to game
without any lags.

The chances of the user having a good
experience while streaming and gaming seem very slim to us.

We are saying this because of what we saw
in the speed test results.

Let us first mention at the outset that we
used the free version the service. Even though the service provider did not mention it, we do realize that the speed on the
free servers would be a little less than what we would get on the premium

Let us now asses the test results.

We first connected to the Hong Kong server.
The download speed reduced to only 5.9% of the original speed. The upload speed
plummeted down, and the ping rate sky rocketed upwards.

The output speed after the connection was
so poor that we got a latency error a few times while doing the speed test.

We then connected to the US server. The
results for this server were also very disheartening to see — this time the download speed after the
connection was only 6.1% of the initial speed.

We then tried the Thailand server as well.
It was the same result here again as well. The download speed after the connection was only 5.27% of the initial rate.

The upload speeds and the ping rate took a
similar punch in both the cases.

The service provider mentioned that there
is no bandwidth capping on the free servers. So, we don’t see any drastic jump
in speeds for the premium servers as well.

The kind of speeds
which we got don’t promise a very satisfying internet experience.


There is no such thing as too much security
when it comes to VPN service.

Users don’t mind if the VPN service has too
many security features as long as it does not affect the performance of the

The VPN services are also leaving no stone
unturned to make sure that the client has as many security features as

However, the security parameters of FlyVPN
seem a lot different from the rest of the VPN world.

They way they described the security on the
service was very unusual.

Let us start with the encryption on the
service. They employ SSL based
256/2048-bit encryption.

It is virtually impossible to breach this
encryption, and thus the user can expect that his/her data will not get
compromised easily while using the service.

Talking of protocols, they use
OpenVPN(TCP/UDP), PPTP and L2TP over IPSec. Multiple protocols are always a
good thing, but things got a bit foggy once we got to know that there are multiple protocols on the service.

They provide Socks5 for proxy services as

The option to use PPTP and L2TP protocols are not available for all the server options.
They say that both these protocols are only for the users in mainland China.

The service provider has also got a few
guidelines for the use of protocols, and it educates the user about the right protocol for various online activities.

They have also got an ‘Auto’ option when it
comes to protocol. The user can choose this option and leave the headache of
choosing the right protocol on the client.

There are no added security measures on
this service as well.

The client allows the user to switch
between the servers and connect to the VPN network and that is it.

Kill switch, IP leak protection, and other such features are alien elements on FlyVPN.

A kill switch stops the internet traffic if
the VPN connection drops thus saving the user’s data from reaching the internet
without the safety of a VPN.

Many VPN services do not support IPV6. This sometimes leads to a situation when they
interact with IPv6 requests, and there is
a mismatch. This mismatch compromises the
IP address of the user.

The absence of additional security features
makes the client susceptible to breaches. The service provider should make a
few efforts to strengthen security.

User Interface and Experience

Various Port/Protocol Related Settings

Now coming to the user interface of the
client, it has aced in certain sections and then failed miserably in a lot of
others when it comes to the user experience.

Let us first discuss the things which
FlyVPN did right with the user interface of the client.

The server sorting on the client catches
the eye for sure. There are a lot of servers and server locations in the
network, and the server sorting made it a lot easier to navigate through them.

They have categorized the servers mostly by
the region, and a few countries get their own
sections. The reason behind listing a few countries separately is that they had a lot of servers in them.

The inclusion of these countries in the regular region category would have made it
a bit more troublesome for the user to go through the list of servers.

They have
a lot of servers in China, the USA, Hong Kong, and Korea, so these countries
are listed separately. The other regional categories are Asia, Europe, Oceania,
America, and Africa.

There is one more server category called ‘Free,’
and it lists all the servers which are available for the non-subscribed users.

Server sorting is the only thing that seems
done right on the user interface though.

There are virtually no customization
options on the client. The user can switch between the protocols, which apparently are different for different users
depending upon the region.

There is one ‘Auto Reconnect’ option as
well which will the reconnect the device to the network in case the connection

The client window displays the username and
the nature of the subscription. It has
got a connect button at the bottom half of the window.

There are four elements at the right side
of the client, and all of them will redirect the user to the website.

The lack of features in the service is
evident on the user interface as well, and the user is left searching for a few
customization options.

Platforms and Devices

Platform Options

The service provider did well when it comes
to making the service easily accessible.

FlyVPN is available for Windows, MacOS,
Android, iOS, Linux, PlayStation, Xbox, and
Smart TVs.

They have not availed the service for
routers, and there are no extensions available for browsers as well. But that
does not seem a big concern since the product can be directly used on so many platforms.

The tutorial for downloading clients for
all the platforms is available on the website, and the user can take the help
of these tutorials to get FlyVPN for his/her device without any hassle.

However, there are many devices which
connect to the internet these days. We do realize that it is difficult to come
up with clients for all these devices, but the service provider should at least
try to avail the service for routers.

This way the users will have a way to
provide VPN protection to all their devices.

Customer Support

Customer support is one of the essential components of a service, but
often the most neglected one as well.

The user has got nothing else but the
customer support to go to when he/she comes across any trouble while using the
service or even when if he/she wants to know more about the product.

Quality customer support does not necessarily mean live chat support. It
does help if the user gets someone to
guide him/her instantly, but the support representative needs to be competent
enough as well.

A support page which discusses all the
relevant and important topics about the service exhaustively
is better than poor live chat support.

FlyVPN does not promise a 24/7 live chat
support. However, there is a high probability that you will find one of their
live chat representatives when you visit the website.

Now talking about the competence, there is
nothing much that the representatives have got to tell other than what is already mentioned on the website.

Language can be one of the biggest barriers though. We had a hard time
communicating with the support representative.

It was pretty much clear that he was not
accustomed to the English language. However, FlyVPN promises support in a lot
of other languages as well.

There is no support page or help page on
the website. The user will need to scan the website
for information.

But, let us warn you that the website is
not very informative, and there is not much discussion about the technical
specifications of the product.


FlyVPN is a mixed bag service. It excels in
a few sections and is miserable in others.

They have a vast server network, multiple
protocols, strong encryption, and great
platform support. All these things are features of an excellent VPN service.

On the other hand, there is data logging
even though the local laws don’t require them to store so much of the user’s
information. The speed on the service is also not worth boasting. The customer
support has language issues.

The user interface is not very functional.
The user’s privacy can be compromised
because of the lack of additional security features.

The service provider has a lot of issues to
deal with before the product can be classified
as one of the top tier ones. We certainly cannot recommend this service to
users before it addresses the issues that we mentioned and gets a lot better.

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