TorGuard Review


  • One can make the payment using
    several cryptocurrencies, and that provides an option to conduct anonymous
  • Different encryptions and key
    lengths are present on the main screen by which one can change the level of security. However, we would
    recommend the user should only use AES 256-bit encryption or else the security
    level will decrease.
  • One gets the option of
    selecting a port amongst the eight different ports which are available on the
    main screen.
  • The client offers a dedicated port
    for Stealth VPN which makes it tough for ISPs and the government to detect the
    use of VPN.
  • Advanced “App Kill” option
    allows one to select the specific applications which the user wishes to
    terminate if the VPN connection goes down.
  • The upload and download speed
    that TorGuard delivers after connecting with the VPN is ultra-high. Very less
    reduction was noticed in both the cases.
  • There are several behavioral
    settings which allow the user to have control over the application by which he
    can make the changes according to his requirement.
  • Specific custom proxy servers
    can be added under the proxy tab. One
    only needs to select the proxy, enter the address, and specify the port.
  • SOCKS5 proxy is offered which
    provides extra security by adding an authentication
    layer when the data packets are exchanged
    between the client and the server.
  • You can also purchase dedicated IP address
    which you can add under the “Servers” tab present on the client. However, it is only recommended if you don’t wish to share
    the provided IP.
  • There are extensions available
    for Chrome and Firefox which render better user experience while browsing. You
    can block advertisements and select websites that you wish to exclude while


  • The refund policy isn’t clear. Initially, it is stated that if the user is not 100% satisfied, they will provide the refund if the user contacted them before seven days. However, the seven-day money-back guarantee may not be applicable for certain cases, but they have not mentioned the nature of the cases.
  • Only OpenVPN and OpenConnect protocols are added to the application. If they would have added other protocols such as SSTP, PPTP, and L2TP, then the user would have got more options. Although the PPTP protocol is not considered secure, it can deliver very high speeds. If the user’s priority is speed, then this protocol would be helpful.
  • The headquarter is located in the United States so, one can’t be sure if the company safeguards the data from the government or not.


Quick Overview
WebsiteVisit Website
ProtocolsOpenVPN, SSTP, L2TP, IPsec
PlatformsAndroid, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, Safari, Firefox
LoggingNo Logs
EncryptionAES 256
ConnectionsUp To 5 Connections
Locations50+ Countries
Netflix/P2PP2P Only
Payment OptionsCredit card, Cryptocurrency, PaymentWall, Paypal
Support OptionsEmail Support, Live Chat, Call Support
Pricing From$ 5.95/mo
Guarantee7 Days Money Back Guarantee
Free Trial7 Day Free Trial

TorGuard VPN service focuses on providing
safety to the users who utilize BitTorrent service. However, the name suggests
that it has some exclusive features related to the use of Tor, which is false.

With its use, you get the chance of unblocking all the application which are
related to Torrent.

Apart from this primary aim, they also
provide stealth proxy and have separate obfuscate
servers which you can find under “Proxy” tab. These servers provide safety from
the government and ISPs who can track the use of VPN.

Main Screen Before and After Connections

TorGuard, owned by the company Vpnetworks
LLC, has its headquarter located in the United States.
As the United States is one of the members of the “Fourteen Eyes,” one can’t
provide complete security even after having no logging. It can’t be ensured that the VPN provider will safeguard
the data from the government or not.

TorGuard is
loaded with features that are mostly related to the behavior of the
client. Still, there are some options related to proxy and network selection

Even after providing high-security options,
there are a few gaps through which leakage may occur. Security is the prime
aspect in the case of TorGuard which must be

We have also reviewed the other factors
which will provide you with enough data
that would help you to generate an opinion about this VPN product.


Server Options

According to the TorGuard’s website, they
own three thousand plus servers in fifty different countries. If one visits the
application, he will know that there are around seventy plus server locations.

These number of locations are enough to
ensure a quality speed to every user located in any corner of the world.
However, that may only happen if the servers are placed smartly even if the
number is not huge.

Surprisingly, in Asia, the servers are
located in more than fifteen countries. A very few VPN providers would have
defeated this number. When one has a look at
the number of locations, it’s around

The benefit received by TorGuard is the
dominance on the VPN market present in

Currently, the Asian userbase is not
that huge when compared to European and North American userbase. However, with time, it will grow, and TorGuard would be
one of the best options for Asians according to the present scenario.

The reason would be the number of servers.

North America, where the primary VPN market
is located, the number of server
locations are less than Asia. However, as the TorGuard has placed the servers
smartly, it is covering most of the areas of the United States with the help of
ten plus server locations.

In Canada, there are two server locations,
and they have the option to connect to the servers located in the Northern part
of the United States.

The case is similar to the southern countries of North America such as Mexico. These
southern countries have two server locations: one in Mexico and another in Costa
Rica. Also, the Miami and Atlanta server locations are suitable options for
these southern countries.

As they have covered Asia and North America
efficiently, it is expected that Europe
won’t be an exception.

Here also the smart placement has worked

Server locations added in twenty European
countries cover every corner of the continent including the Balkans where only a
few VPN providers have added servers.

Let’s move below the Equator.

The number of servers located in Oceania
may disappoint you; only three, one in New Zealand, and two in Australia. So,
if you are a user placed in Oceania, it would be a good idea first to purchase the monthly plan (as they do
not offer any free trial), and then if speed is good enough for your location,
you can go ahead with other plans.

The servers set in Northern Africa are
beneficial for the users of multiple locations. It not only helps the European
users to get a higher speed but also aids
in satisfying the African userbase.

One server location is in South Africa also
which must be enough for the southern countries as a small userbase is expected in this part.

Brazil also has
potential users, and that’s why adding one server here was a necessary deal.
However, Chile server location isn’t required
as the users here can use the Brazilian as well as the Mexican server.

But this server location is a big plus if
you are a Brazilian user.

When it comes to filtering and sorting
options, there are a few, but not aiding to user experience at all.

One can filter the servers according to the
continent, but then that could be done manually also. Similarly, sorting it in the
Alphabetical order would not serve any purpose.

The only helpful option is sorting
according to the proximity which lets you connect to the most efficient server
for your location.

As they are showcasing themselves as the
providers providing compatibility with all the Torrent applications, they
should have added filtering option for viewing P2P optimized servers.

One can only assume that P2P is available
for all the servers. No instructions from the provider’s end are specified.

Still, because of the efficient placing,
they have achieved a great server density and excellent user-server ratio.

Connection Time Analysis

Trial No.Time taken to establish a connection (Seconds)
Average Time:14.08

Connection time analysis explains how efficiently the client can establish the connection to the server and provide a proxy IP
to our system.

The results are
considered negative if the client takes too long to connect or if it
shows error while establishing the connection.

In the case of TorGuard, no such issues were found which were there in the case of BolehVPN. However, the
connection time is still higher than many other VPN providers. Even the
precision is not high which reduces the predictability
of the time taken by the application for establishing the connection.

Note that this was done for the closest server location, and connection time may
differ if the distance changes. It also depends upon the user-server ratio, and
that’s why, for Oceania users, the average may be higher.

Bandwidth and Speed

Before and After Connections

It is one of the Top VPN providers in terms of speed that is provided by the
client after the connection.

There was very less reduction for both,
download and upload speeds.

The original download and upload speeds
were 9.38 Mbps and 7.88 Mbps respectively. Because the closest server was located at a distance of a thousand miles, we were expecting a reduction
of at least twenty percent. But we were amazed at
the speed delivered by TorGuard.

The speed obtained after the connection was 9.16 Mbps and 7.05 Mbps for
downloading and uploading respectively. That shows that the download speed was
only reduced by 2.35%. The same scenario can be
seen in the case of upload speed where 4.5% reduction is visible.

That makes sure that one will not face
disappointment when speed is the most important factor for the user.


Network and Security Settings

Security highly depends upon the protocol
and encryption used in the client.

TorGuard provides two different protocol
options which are OpenVPN and OpenConnect. Out of these two, OpenVPN is surely
a secure one, and the level of security could be
adjusted by switching between TCP and UDP.

One facility that TorGuard offers is the
flexibility to change the level and type of encryption.

Two different encryptions: AES and Blowfish
are provided. However, in the case of
Blowfish only CBC mode is available whereas, for
AES, both CBC and GCM modes are present.

Also, one has the option of selecting the
key length. The most secure option is to select AES 256-CGM. In case if you are
unable to establish a reliable connection, you can switch to CBC mode.

Using 128-bit key will render acceptable security. But we do not recommend using
Blowfish protocol as the encryption can be
easily bypassed.

Termination Settings

Other security options contain a custom
kill switch which lets you select the particular applications for which you
wish to block the internet traffic when VPN is not connected.

Also, protection against DNS leak and
WebRTC are added to make sure that no data packet flows out of the tunnel.

They even provide their own DNS servers: VPN DNS which is available in
the application. They have a separate DNS for blocking ads. This renders security from the malicious links.

There is only one possible point when some
amount of data could be leaked. While
connecting to the VPN, one needs to select amongst the public DNS servers
available. However, even if the public DNS collects any data, nothing more than
the IP address of the server will be recorded.

User Interface and Experience

General Settings

The user interface comes with a complete package of behavioral features
which are related to connection options, appearance, and general network

Connection options give flexibility to the user by permitting the application to start
automatically, but also according to the user’s wish. One can select that when
he wants to connect to the VPN: when the system starts or when the application is launched.

Auto-login option removes the task of adding username and password again and

Sometimes, a user may end the application
by mistake. If the VPN connection is functioning, it may stop the applications
because of the app kill option. That’s why they provide an option to ask confirmation before exiting. Such
small elements make the user interface reliable.

Network settings prevent DNS and WebRTC
leakages. You can also choose to reconnect to the client server automatically if the connection goes down. That
removes the manual task of selecting the server and connecting to it again.

The DNS settings are of advanced level and have multiple options. It effectively
blocks the outside DNS and allows to select among the different DNS servers
(TorGuard’s and Public DNS servers). The ad blocker DNS effectively blocks the

Proxy Settings

There are many proxy related settings; HTTP
and SOCKS5 are also available.

If you want to hide the use of VPN, just select the Stealth VPN proxy and the server of the country to which
you wish to connect.

All the required features are provided under the suitable tabs. However,
there is always room for more features such as Multi-hop connection and split

Still, the features added deliver an
excellent user interface leading to the amazing
user experience.

Even the customer support and speed are
reliable, and you don’t need to worry about these aspects before making the

Platforms and Devices

Well, one may not purchase a VPN product if
it’s not available for the platforms which are generally used such as Windows,
MacOS, iOS, and Android. TorGuard is available for all of them.

In addition to the platforms mentioned above, it also has extensions for Chrome and
Firefox which makes sure that your browsing experience remains free from
advertisements and malicious websites.

There are even configuration options in the
extension by which one can select different ports and connection type.

Other platforms for which the application
is available: Linux, REDHAT, and ARCH. VPN products for REDHAT and ARCH are not
easily available, and so, TorGuard must get a bonus point for making it
available for these platforms.

Setup files are only available for two
routers: DD-WRT and Tomato. However, these are the ones who are reliable and used widely.

Configuration files and scripts are
available for all the operating systems, but only for OpenVPN protocol.

There are third-party devices also which
allow connecting to TorGuard. However, we
do not recommend one to download these clients as the privacy policy may differ
for these clients.

Customer Support

Live Chat Has Been Helpful!

live chat support is a savior.

They provide instant replies and are available
all the time.

They provide elaborated replies. However,
sometimes there could be a queue of one or two.

If there is some information which cannot be provided through live chat, you can always
generate a ticket. The answers are always
to the point, and if the query is still not solved, emailing is a good option.

To emails, they usually reply in one to
four hours.

Other than this, there are three different
sections: FAQs, Knowledgebase, and community forum.

More FAQs can be added and provided under different sections such as (payment,
connection, etc.). That would help the user to find the answers easily.

Knowledgebase contains different setup
guides and video tutorials. That helps the user to learn about the installation
process, and that’s how he can easily execute the application through different
download options.

In the community forum, one can ask about
the doubts, provide suggestions and feedbacks, and describe product related
issues publicly.

Overall, customer
support is responsive and efficiently helps their users.


TorGuard client is a perfect blend of amazing

The speed experienced by us was tremendous,
and it’s one of the highest speeds experienced after connecting to the VPN.

Security may have some small gaps, but not
any major ones, and their no log policy makes
them a reliable VPN provider.

They may add some more server locations in
Oceania as there are only three.

The ability to
deliver fast customer support is beneficial for all the users.

Overall, except
for the fact that they are located
in the United States, there is no major con in purchasing this product.

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